My Round 1 game of "Cream Of The Crop" vs. Melvin Falk's Germans


This is about 3 turns into the game and alot of stuff has already happend. 2 of Mel's StuGs are on the way home. The Russians have lost 2 squads - one as a not-so-brave Berserker and the other one was dispatched by Mr "Tokarev" Commissar.
It looked bleak for the Russain, since they lost too much Infantry, and the KV-1 was immobilized (boxcars to start up) in the Location shown in the picture. In the last turn though the German right flank crumbles and the Russians have a (albeit small) chance to take back the 7 building hexes needed. In true ASL fashion though the last Russian stack survives a 4-2 and a 2-2 attack only to end up Pinned by a 4+2 (or perhaps it was +1, can't remember) and that left them 2 buildings short.